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travel medicine

Vaccinations and travel medications necessary for when you are traveling out of the country.

We recommend you first visit the Centers for Disease Control’s Travel website to familiarize yourself with the requirements of your destination.

When preparing to travel abroad, Chris Porter can provide the necessary vaccinations and travel medications / prophylaxes appropriate to the country you will be visiting. Specific services...

when traveling to Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa and Asia

  1. Yellow fever vaccination and certification

  2. Malaria prevention

  3. Typhoid vaccination

  4. Hepatitis vaccination

  5. Infectious diarrhea prevention and treatment medication

when traveling to Canada, Europe, Russia, and Australia

There are little to no travel requirements to enter these countries; a medical visit is likely not necessary unless you suffer from travel anxiety or sleeplessness.

When in doubt, and/or when unusual outbreaks occur, feel free to contact us.

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