seattle family medicine • annual physical exams, well baby exams, immunizations, colds and flu treatment, blood testing

Chris Porter Medical


3623 SW Alaska Street

West Seattle, WA 98126


Comprehensive primary health care to individuals and family members of all ages.

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Chris Porter offers the following comprehensive primary family health care services:

general and preventative healthcare

  1. Annual physicals

  2. Chronic disease management

  3. Cancer screening

  4. Mental health / anxiety / depression

  5. Diet and exercise counseling

women’s health

  1. Contraception and pregnancy

  2. Annual pap and breast exams

  3. Hormone management and menopause

  4. Osteoporosis and nutrition

pediatric care

  1. Newborn evaluation

  2. Well baby exams

  3. Immunizations

  4. Feeding and growth assessment

  5. Annual child medical exams

  6. School physicals

  7. Sports physicals

  8. Development assessment

senior health care

  1. Blood pressure testing

  2. Diabetes screening

  3. Cholesterol testing

  4. Arthritis and inflammatory diseases

We do not accept patients with chronic Lyme disease or those requiring chronic pain management.

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